Half a million people have seen me naked.

Uncleswagg becomes acquainted with me by following me on Twitch in May of 2012.
The several hundred emails sent to Imgur staff to delete the nude photos of me.
Seems he’s not so proud of it anymore, since he had this post removed from his Reddit thread.
Can’t pull a fast one on Uncleswagg! New account; no problem.
Uncleswagg letting me know he took my nudes down (again).
Promising they were deleted from his hard drive this time.
Allow me to play the world’s tiniest violin for you, please.
Uncleswagg reaching out, asking for a DM.
A better apology





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Wait until my Meta idea is implemented and me and my wife talk and brings this into existence…

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Cher Scarlett

Cher Scarlett


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