Starbucks — gulps away from equality

Why I left $SBUX: Geographic Pay Gaps & Knowing Your Worth

A shelf in my office featuring Starbucks literature

My Personal Journey

Anyone who tells you that everything about a corporation they work for is great is hiding something and not someone I’d trust.

I was told how valuable I was to the company, not just to my team and manager. Amidst my own imposter syndrome-induced self-doubt, I finally felt I deserved my role and any praise I received for the work I did.

Everyone took a pay cut to join Blizzard, and so did I.

I was left feeling like I didn’t belong in the position I was in. That I wasn’t good enough, just a good enough deal.

The Big Picture

SmartAsset cost of living calculator, 2019
Adjustment to salary to a similar peer based on cost of living, SmartAsset, 2019

The national median income for a single person is $61,372, the median income for single mothers in the US is 43% lower and dropping.

Starbucks Coffee Company Mission Statement

Working remotely is currently one of the only accessible means of breaking out of the perpetual cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity.

My problem with Starbucks, is not the fight I was having with them over my own wage discrepancy, but rather that I was having it at all.

My call to action here is pretty simple: stop using current market rates in geographic areas alone to drive pay. It’s not much different than using someone’s pay history to determine their salary.